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As it stands, Indigenous peoples have not received recognition for their contributions to building Canada, nor a fair share of the ensuing wealth. The idea that Canada was founded exclusively by the British and French is harmful, unfair and incomplete. [1]

In fact, Indigenous peoples of Canada were the first peoples to govern this land and were present for thousands of years prior to Confederation. [2] Click here to check out the AFN's commitment to recognition.

A country cannot be built on an incomplete history.

Now is the time to protect and promote Indigenous languages, cultures, history, traditions and laws.

Now is the time to respect the inherent right of Indigenous peoples to develop, maintain and strengthen their relationship with their lands, waters and environment.

Now is the time to complete the story. As many participate in Canada 150 activities, it is important to remember that one of the main Calls to Action in the Recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission demanded Canada.

"Reconcile Aboriginal and Crown constitutional and legal orders to ensure that Aboriginal peoples are full partners in Confederation, including the recognition and integration of Indigenous laws and legal traditions in negotiation and implementation processes involving Treaties, land claims, and other constructive agreements." [3]

Click here to read the complete call to action on reconciliation from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

The government should acknowledge that Indigenous peoples were founders of the Nation in a formal, legal way. [4] Only then will there be a solid foundation for Canada to reconcile its past and lay the foundation for a new relationship with its First Peoples.

Please add your voice now to turn this vision into a reality.

Recognition 2 Action is a civic engagement campaign to educate people about the role Indigenous peoples have played in founding Canada. The following network of organizations have articulated statements around this subject. (Click an organization's logo to see their statement)

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