Your letters about Recognition 2 Action are being read all across Canada

19149267_121701058331744_3382052487553112385_n.jpgAs Canada prepares to celebrate it's 150th birthday we are happy to report that Canadians are continuing to call on the Canadian government to put forward legislation clearly establishing Indigenous Peoples's status as Founding Nations of Canada.  One of the most powerful actions Canadians are taking is using our Letter-to-the-Editor tool. This powerful tool allows Canadians to successfully publish dozens of letters in Canadian newspapers, an effective and innovative way to call on the Canadian government to turn Recognition to Action. 


An amazing letter supporting#Recognition2Action posted in Now Toronto. 

"It's Time to set things right about the true history of Canada. We can no longer ignore the Indigenous people of this country. Now is the time, during the Canada 150 activities, to complete the story." - Franziska Nonnenmann


Another awesome letter published in

"Now is the time, during the Canada 150 activities, to complete the story by formally recognizing the role indigenous peoples played in the history of this land. Doing this will set a solid foundation for our future as we seek a new relationship between settlers and indigenous peoples.

Our federal government committed to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 final recommendations — now is the time to support legislation clearly recognizing Indigenous peoples' history and their role in founding Canada." -James Ravenscroft